Restaurants & Shopping at Universal Studios Singapore

About Universal Studios Singapore

Once you've visited Universal Studios Singapore and have been on all the thrilling rides, it's time to check out the restaurants close to Universal Studios. You must go to one of these places if you're a foodie and like the real flavours of Singaporean cuisine. The park is a perfect place for families as well as for solo with a tantalising selection of events, attractions, and other types of entertainment.

Restaurants at Universal Studios Singapore

Cairo Market

Discover Cairo Market, a miniature souq similar to those in the Mummy films. It's the perfect place to go after riding the Treasure Hunters ride or the Revenge of the Mummy attraction and becoming thirsty. If you've worked up an appetite, come satiate it with the famous coconut juice straight from the shell and match with some chicken pieces at this amazing restaurant in Universal Studios Singapore!

Discovery Food Court

At the Discovery Food Court, explore and satiate your taste buds with their delectable range of Singaporean dishes. There are numerous options, but the delectable Roasted Chicken Rice, which is undoubtedly a Singaporean specialty dish, and the sedap (tasty) Nyonya Laksa are absolute must-haves in this place.

Friar's Good Food

There is a counter service type restaurant in Universal Studios Singapore, called Friar's. Some of the most well-liked options here are wrap-style sandwiches, including ones with Thai peanut chicken, tandoori chicken, duck, shrimp, and turkey. Most importantly, this restaurant serves Halal meals.

Frozen Fuels

When you stop by the space-age fueling station, Frozen Fuel at the Universal studios Singapore, fill up on savoury food and thirst-quenching chilled slushies. It's the perfect spot to fuel up on an amazing corn dog on a stick or to quench your thirst for a cold, tasty slushy after a space fight.


Anyone who appreciates a bucket of homemade, specially prepared, seven-spice chicken that has been "done just right!" should definitely eat at this amazing restaurant in Universal Studios Singapore. Perfectly cooked nuggets, thighs, and wings in golden colour will make your mouth water with its amazing taste. Don't forget to finish the experience with your preferred Ben & Jerry's ice cream flavour - exactly the right amount of hardness and softness!

Jungle Bites

A well-liked spot to get some refreshments is the Jungle Bites store, which is located inside the The Lost World Zone. So grab some yummy snacks like churros and more to munch on the go.

KT's Grill

A popular tapas and bar known for its giant thrills, KT's Grill serves platters stuffed with western cuisine and cool drinks. This restaurant in Universal Studios Singapore offers a cosy, informal dining experience, and it is well-known for its flavorful burgers produced with high-quality ingredients and generous serving sizes. Burgers, fries, and steak are served as the restaurant's specialty, along with perfectly prepared rotisserie chicken, by modest staff members. Enjoy a full dinner with your children or friends while once in your life experiencing the tapas atmosphere.

Louis NY Pizza Parlour

Loui's NY Pizza Parlour, within Universal Studios Singapore, is a great place to eat New York-style pizza in Singapore. There are various dining options within the theme park, including this one, where you can choose from a variety of classic NY style pizzas and a variety of Italian food faves.

Popular options from the thin-crust pizza menu at the Universal studios Singapore include Neapolitan Margherita, Loui's Monster Beef Supreme, and Chicken Florentine White Pizza. The Baked Beef Ragu Cannelloni, Garlic Shrimp Arrabiata, and Chicken Linguine Carbonara are a few additional standout Italian dishes on the menu.

Me Want Cookie!

You'll soon realise why the Cookie Monster is so smitten if you try the Me Want Cookie! cookies. Simply put, they are cookie-delicious and make a huge snack any time of the day. Alternately, select from a variety of thirst-quenching beverages, and don't forget to indulge in the creamy exquisite soft-serve ice-cream treats like sundaes and floats.

Mel's Drive-In

Here, you may enjoy the same delectable experience without a car. Simply enter Mel's Drive-In and choose your favourite items from a menu filled with delectable American classics like burgers, fries, and milkshakes. Enjoy delicious, traditional American food as you travel back in time.

Pharaohs Desserts

Stop by Pharaoh's Dessert Oasis cart for a fruit-filled respite from exploration and to refuel. A variety of fruit-based slushies, including Blueberry, Fruit Punch, and Mango flavours, can be found here.

Planet Yen

Visit Planet Yen for a space assignment and your goal would be to stock up on delectable food and thirst-quenching beverages. Even if you're not really thirsty, purchasing a drink is still an essential step in completing the goal! These enormous drinks are packaged for you to keep in an enticing Transformers-themed bottle.

Pops! Popcorn Delight

If you're going to one of the various entertainment events at the Universal studios Singapore, you must stop by Pops! To improve the experience, visit Popcorn Delight and purchase a bucket of buttery popcorn. It also comes packaged in a spill-proof bucket with a Minion motif that you can easily transport and keep as a memento of your vacation.

Star Dots

Nothing beats an ice cream or beverage with a space theme to recognize making it through the Transformers ride! Along with chewy bubble tea in a variety of flavours, the neon yellow soft-serve ice creams with chocolate jimmies and the electrifying blue yoghurt soft-serve ice cream with popcorn, donut, and marshmallows are out of this world!

Starbot Cafe

Enjoy your favourite ramen and sushi snacks, which are delivered quickly. Perfect following the adrenaline rush TRANSFORMERS The Ultimate 3D Battle, or The Ride. Visit this space-themed eatery for a great Japanese snack to soothe the nerves. It is located close to Stardots.


Enjoy a trusted drink and bite from Starbucks as you take a breather from the action. To swiftly cool off, try the ice-blended flavoured drinks. Alternately, unwind while savouring a relaxing hot cup of premium roasted coffee combined with your preferred pastry.

Shopping at Universal Studios Singapore

Big Bird's Emporium

Welcome to Big Bird's Emporium, the biggest Sesame Street where you can Shop at Universal Studio Singapore. You can go on a shopping spree at this energetic store and enjoy every delightful aspect of Sesame Street. Take your time looking over all the Sesame Street items you may bring home.

Fairy Godmother's Potion Shop

When you enter Fairy Godmother's Potion Shop, you'll be mesmerised by the clinking, clanking line of potions that rings the space, bottling mystical elixirs from the Fairy Godmother's factory in enormous wooden vats. Discover the fascinating goods on show that feature everything from the globe far, far away and bring it into your own.

Hello Kitty Studio Store

Enter the Hello Kitty Studio to Shop at Universal Studio Singapore and be amazed by the variety of toys and products available for purchase. This is the perfect location to expand your collection of cute Hello Kitty stuff, whether you've been a collector for many years or have only recently found Hello Kitty in all her pinkness.

Hollywood China Arcade

This arcade is located in the Universal Studios of Singapore and is a hidden gem that is discreetly tucked away from the mainland metropolis. Wide doors are opened to welcome guests of all ages. The arcade has three distinct sections with Daytona on one side, claw catchers on the other, and arcades with tickets. It is fairly large and has marble tiled floors where you must visit to Shop at Universal Studio Singapore..

Jurassic Outfitters

Browse a collection of limited-edition jewellery, pins, drinkware, t-shirts, and hats to Shop at Universal Studio Singapore.. Find a wide selection of T. rex, velociraptor, dilophosaurus, styracosaurus, pachycephalosaurus, and triceratops replicas that are made to the standards of museums. And don't forget to buy your souvenir ride photo, which serves as evidence that life does indeed find a way!

Minion Mart

You'll experience terrible joy upon entering the Minion Mart. A store that understands your obsession with minion culture. Find your favourite minion on the racks and stock up on cute mementos like apparel and trinkets.

That's a Wrap

On the last day of filming, the director will declare, "That's a wrap!" to end the production. That's a Wrap, a retail outlet by the exit with a variety of souvenirs from Universal Studios Singapore, is the ideal place to discover the ideal way to cap off your visit. Keep your visit vivid in your mind always.

The Brown Derby

All of your favourite quirky characters, including Big Bird, Elmo, Oscar the Grouch, Bert & Ernie, and Cookie Monster from Sesame Street, may be found here. Create a set of plush toys, purses, cups, slippers, and other items with just one character, or combine them all!

The Dark Room

Here, you may view every photo that was taken of you while you were on any of the rides at Universal Studios Singapore. Choose your favourites, place your order, and you'll receive them in chic frames from your favourite companies to take home!

The Dino-Store

Enter Dino-Store to enter a Jurassic world where you may purchase a variety of apparel, toys, souvenirs, and collectibles from the Jurassic Park film series. Find a variety of items associated with Jurassic Park, such as t-shirts, hats, pens, and dinosaur models.

FAQ's of Universal Studios Singapore

Which are the best greet and meet things to experience at Universal Studio Singapore?

Meet and Greet: Transformers, Voices of Cybertron, Madagascar, Gru and the Minions, Hatched! Featuring Dr. Rodney, Sesame Street, Puss in Boots.

What is the best time to visit Universal Studios Singapore?

The best time to visit Universal Studios Singapore would be from the month of February to the month of September. At this time of the year, the climatic conditions remain moderate which makes the whole exploration tour amazing.

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Which are the best zones to explore in universal studios Singapore?

There are seven zones in Universal Studios Singapore with different themes that they are associated with.

New York City:The area is filled with neon-lit New York Metropolis landmarks that portray the great city in its most accurate form.

Hollywood:A climate-controlled area for fans of Hollywood, Universal Studios Hollywood is an exact reproduction of the Hollywood "Walk of Fame," complete with palm trees and a boulevard from the 1970s.

Sci-Fi City:Get a glimpse into the future of a metropolis via the lens of a well-known science fiction franchise.

Ancient Egypt:Take a trip down memory lane to see the magnificent structures and artefacts from the height of Egyptian exploration.

Far Far Away:Visit Shrieks and his pals in a lifelike recreation of The Kingdom from the animated film Shrieks, complete with its imposing castles, winding alleyways, and stores.

The Lost World:Witness the creations from the Jurassic Park and Waterworld series, featuring the enormous T-Rex and more.

Madagascar: During your visit, you will get to meet King Julien, Alex, and Gloria, the Madagascar movie's main characters. All of your favourite characters and talk to them about their adventures in Madagascar as these New Yorkers!

Where is Universal Studio Singapore located ?

Universal Studios Singapore is located at 8 Sentosa Gateway, Singapore.

Which are the rides at Universal Studio Singapore?


It is a popular attraction in Sci-Fi City Park at Universal Studios Singapore. An animating ride vehicle takes you through a simulated battlefield with spine-tingling 3D effects as the song ups the suspense and intensity.

Battlestar Galactica: Human Vs Cylon

One of the best coasters in the entire globe, perfect for thrill seekers. The numerous twists, turns, and dives on this roller coaster, which has a height of 42.5 metres and moves at a speed of nearly 90 KM per hour.

Treasure Hunters

With your family, go on a hunting expedition in ancient Egypt while passing realistic-looking exotic animals including snakes, vultures, and crocodiles along the road.

The Jurassic Park Adventures

Take a thrilling trip through Jurassic Park's rivers, where dinosaurs wander freely in search of their next meal, and you're done! Make your way down the modern animatronic white water raft system with a dramatic white water drop. You'll be tossed around on the water in your circular raft as you try to stay alive.

Which are the show and entertainment options at Universal studio Singapore ?

Donkey Live

Ten minutes spent on this animated programme, and you will see for yourself the Donkey's inherent charms. As this endearing figure delivers an interactive show, pay close attention. He can speak, answer, sing, and even crack some amusing jokes, which is surprising!

Sesame Street

With Elmo and the other Sesame Street characters, take a trip down memory lane and revisit your childhood. You will adore their bizarre actions and hilarious taglines right here! Take in their musical performances, which range from classical to modern melodies.

Lights, Camera, Action!

It is a production facility where you may get a taste of life on a set. You'll feel as though you're in the heart of a hurricane because there is a storm scene. Observe as the set is destroyed by realistic water and fire. Take the front row to have a better thrill and witness the performance up close!


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